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The University of Leeds African-Caribbean Society (ACS) is a society bounded by the celebration and education of African and Caribbean culture; a home away from home and a pathway to cultural enlightenment. There are no prerequisites to being an ACS member - not all of our members are necessarily from African or Caribbean backgrounds. 

Our mission is to make our members more professionally and socially aware of themselves. We aim to challenge stereotypes and break boundaries for our members and this begins with internal evaluations of ourselves through debates and culturally relevant talks and events. ACS is the place for fun, growth, and family. 


We aim to hold events that appeal to a wide range of members, from the social elements to providing opportunities to help members grow and improve professionally, through career events and skills workshops. We also encourage our members to get involved with the many sports activities we have on. 

 Over the academic year 2018/2019, we held a string of events including:​

  • ACS Give It A Go

  • Our Annual Legacy Cultural Showcase

  • Inspire, Lead and Learn Conference

  • ACS Fashion Show

  • Termly ACS Movie Nights

  • ACS Northern Affair Ball (Joint with York & Sheffield)

  • Take Me Out (Joint with Sheffield, Derby, York)

  • ACS Sports Games (joint with Sheffield & Beckett)

  • Second Chance

  • Summer BBQ 

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